Tracey T. Cooper   is an award-winning author, business leader, publisher, and philanthropist who continually seeks to change others’ lives through her endeavors. The seven-time national best-selling author continuously chases her  dream of bringing words to life that she has had since she was five years old. She is the author of Scandal in the Pews, Scandal in the Pews II: When the Table’s Turn (Shelia’s Story), Scandal in the Pews III: The Aftermath, The Pastor’s Wife Chronicles (two book series), Million Dollar Baby: The Cost of Fortune (The Pastor’s Wives Chronicles Book 1), Girl Secure Yourself: Queens Play Chess (The Pastor’s Wives Chronicles Volume 2). Her first book, Scandal in the Pews, reached the Amazon Best Sellers list just days after going live. Each body of work that followed has too reached that same plateau of success. 


Tracey is the proud founder of the nonprofit, Girl Secure Yourself, an amazing nonprofit that aids both girls and women in securing themselves. Girl Secure Yourself , has become a pillar of support, education and empowerment for many women globally. She is also the founder of The Bold Agency, where BOLD stands for Believe and Obtain Life’s Destiny. The BOLD Agency was created to evoke meaningful change around her. Growing up, Tracey was always told that her dreams were limitless. She has lived her life in a manner that proves that it is true. She continues to find ways to grow her ventures and plant seeds in people’s lives so they can also find their way in the world. She has always had a vivid way with words that has been her pathway to continued success. Tracey strongly believes that real accomplishments include the lives you have changed that get to accompany you at the top